TomTom launches new jam technology

TomTom launches new jam technology

TomTom has released the latest version of its traffic software, using innovative technology to ensure even safer and more easily-predictable journeys.

The major new feature on the updated version is a 'Jam Ahead Warning' alert, which can send an early-warning message instructing drivers to slow down when it pinpoints precise locations of a traffic jam ahead.

Other new features promise to improve the routing accuracy of the device and prove that it is much more than merely ajourney planner . These include a feature that automatically detects road closures and roadworks, and on more roads.

Additionally, a new 'Predictive Flow Feed' can second-guess upcoming congestion with more accuracy, improving the fastest route recommendation and the ETA.

Head of Tom Tom Traffic, Ralf-Peter SchŠfer said the aim is to make TomTom Traffic more powerful and precise with every new release.

Mr SchŠfer also commented: "The new Jam Ahead Warning feature shows drivers in advance exactly where a traffic jam is located and crucially alerts them to slow down if they are travelling too fast. By giving drivers advanced knowledge about the road up ahead, we aim to make journeys safer and more predictable."

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