TomTom launches journey log app

TomTom launches journey log app

TomTom says its new WEBFLEET Logbook app will make it easier for more motorists to accurately log trips using a smartphone.

The app, available on both Android and iPhone devices, is aimed at cutting down mileage claim administration and creating reliable logs.

These details are stored on mobile devices and drivers just select whether the journeys were for commuting, business or private purposes.

It works in conjunction with the firm's in-vehicle LINK tracker, storing the information gathered.

By recording in-depth details of journeys it could also highlight to drivers when they need to get their vehicle assessed for a service to avoid a breakdown.

For firms with a fleet of drivers the app could make things a lot easier by simultaneously updating the WEBFLEET fleet management system.

This will also make it considerably easier to sort out mileage claims, helping motorists to dodge the mountain of paper work.

Thomas Schmidt, managing director of TomTom Business Solutions, explained that the app increases accuracy and reliability while cutting down on driver involvement and described it as a "significant advancement".

He added: "Simplified and automated processes for companies and their drivers frees up valuable time for improved productivity."

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