TomTom adds top new features to GPS

Dynamic navigation that adapts to changing conditions and always gives the fastest route to a destination is a top new feature on the latest TomTom GPS.

The GO x40 LIVE series comes with an extended version of the IQ Routes technology based on historical travel time information for every road, specified for every day of the week, at five minute intervals.

If the measured traffic conditions differ from the expected flow rates, the system will calculate an alternative route and adjust the estimated time of arrival accordingly.

The High Definition Traffic service is now available for the first time in the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, as well as in the Netherlands.

Safety alerts including real-time speed camera reporting and sharing, meaning users can keep each other informed about mobile safety cameras. Safety alerts in the UK will be supplied by Road Angel.

Fuel prices will be up-dated and users guided to the cheapest fuel stations along their routes or in their area.

The power of the online Local Search from Google is also incorporated. It turns search results into a destination with the press of a button. This gives users access to millions of locations.