Toll road proposal for motorways

A Whitehall-commissioned report has called on the Government to reform the motorways management in the UK.

The report led by Alan Cook, non-executive chairman of the Highways Agency, recommended making any new motorways private toll roads.

According to the report, the Government had "tended to put its own short-term needs ... ahead of the long-term interests of taxpayers and road users".

Suggesting that the major roads in the UK should be managed more businesslike, the report calls for the new management to put road users first and set targets such as reducing unnecessary delays.

The report also said that if new motorways or trunk roads were needed, "the Department for Transport should examine the business case for building and operating these as private toll roads in the first instance".

"The strategic road network is mainly complete but there will, on occasions, be the potential for a brand new motorway, and a more innovative way of funding should be looked at," Mr Cook said

Although motorists may not be happy about the proposal amid soaring motoring costs such as prices for fuel and car insurance, the move is necessary to control congestion and delays.

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