Tofu curdled by number plate gaffe

In a crazy sign of the times, scandalised US number-plate jobsworths have totally miscons1d a Colorado woman's love of bean curd.

Otherwise, how could they possibly have believed that 'ILVTOFU', her choice of personalised plate, could have had anything to do with sex?

But they did, despite mother-of-three Kelly Coffman-Lee's protestations that the Japanese delicacy is much loved by her entire family, and that profanity could absolutely not have been further from her mind.

But the Division of Motor Vehicles was unmoved. Said department of revenue spokesman Mark Couch: "We don't allow 'FU' because some people could read that as street language for sex."

The story even made it onto The Huffington Post, the must-read US liberal news website founded by Arianna Huffington as an alternative to the conservative Drudge Report.

Other bloggers were divided on what Ms Coffman-Lee had actually meant to say. Said one: "Some people could misinterpret what her... what she loves. There are many people who would see that and be offended. And so we need to be aware of it and take care of it."

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