Toddler 'drives' car into pond

A toddler has had a lucky escape after starting the engine of the car he was sitting in and sending it plunging into a pond.

Three-year-old Hayden Hay had climbed into the driver's seat of the Nissan Micra while his mother's boyfriend, Gordon Stronach, was in the back securing a child seat.

The key had been left in the ignition and Hayden turned it, causing it to jump forward several feet before rolling over a kerb and into the pond. Luckily, Mr Stronach, 19, managed to pull the youngster to safety seconds before the car hit the water.

The incident happened at Cooper Park, in Elgin, Moray, where Hayden had been on a day out with his mother Debbie and her boyfriend.

Mr Stronach told the Press and Journal newspaper that after the initial shock, Hayden was actually "quite proud" he had managed to start the Micra, which had been left in gear.

"It was a shock to me at first but I managed to get him out of the front seat before the car went into the pond," he said.

The car was later recovered from the pond and driven away with only minor damage.

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