Tips for safe, stress-free commute

Tips for safe, stress-free commute

Commuting to work can be a challenge when you're pressed for time and the roads are full, but road safety charity IAM has tips to make the journey safe and stress-free.

Peter Rodger, Britain's top advanced driver, has put together some useful pointers to make sure you get from A to B in good time.

Being alert is crucial because the fact that everyone is on the road at the same time can lead to frustration and tiredness, so drivers can behave unpredictably.

There are also lots of other vulnerable road users about at rush hour, so be sure to give plenty of space to cyclists and be extra vigilant for pedestrians too - the school run is on.

Keep your concentration, especially when you're using those roads most familiar to you as you're more likely to get careless on your local route.

Have your radio tuned in to traffic updates and have a few alternative routes up your sleeve if there's an accident or road closure.

Keeping a watch on the weather forecast is important - if it's pouring down leave a few minutes early as heavy rain slows down traffic and adds a potential hazard to your journey.

Regular checks of your lights, tyre pressures and condition, and washer fluid and oil levels are also essential to ensure you have a safe journey and don't end up having to call on yourbreakdown cover .

Mr Rodger said: "Always leave enough time to get to work so you're not rushing unnecessarily. Traffic is bad every day - being late on those grounds isn't an excuse. If you do get held up in traffic on the way to work, don't rush. Pull over if you need to let anybody know, but remember it's better to arrive late than never."

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