Tips for driving in strong winds

After severe gales swept across Britain motorists should prepare now for driving in windy conditions, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The road safety charity recently released a tips sheet for drivers who find themselves out on the roads in gale-force conditions. Most of the advice focuses upon potential hazards road users may encounter in blustery conditions but there is also practical advice for motorists who have to make journeys in poor weather.

IAM advise planning routes in advance, avoiding particularly open stretches of road and trying to minimise your vehicles exposure to the wind. Similarly, when passing bikes, lorries and buses gusts of strong winds can blow other road users off course and into your path.

Dangerous driving conditions such as high winds increases the chances of accidents and it is advisable to make sure your car insurance gives you adequate protection and that your breakdown cover is up to scratch should your vehicle fail to cope with the high winds.

Sensible tips such as maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front and keeping a firm grip on the steering wheel are also offered as smart ways to negotiate tricky conditions safely.

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