Thrifty Brits on economy drive

Credit-crunch hit Brits are taking their feet off the throttle in a bid to cut fuel consumption and save money, according to market researcher Mintel

Said Jim Clark, senior leisure analyst: "While once it was all about conspicuous spending with high-performance gas-guzzlers, now there is a race to see who can be the most thrifty.

"Most of the changes are to do with the soaring oil prices earlier this year, but lessons learnt will now stand us in good stead."

Another economy-drive tactic is keeping tyres at or above recommended pressures - which also saves money by reducing tyre wear - and throwing out unnecessary weight.

While not everyone can give up using their car altogether, three in ten say that they now walk, cycle or take public transport more often.

Men and women are adopting very different approaches. While men take a very technical route, such as checking tyres and keeping an eye on the rev counter, women are much more likely to make adjustments to their lifestyle.

While 30% of men cut back on weekend day trips, this rises to 37% amongst women. And only 28% forego driving to see friends, compared with 34% of women.

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