Three-quarters 'argue in cars'

A study has revealed that around three-quarters of people lock horns during a car journey.

The survey by the Budget Car Rental company found that the majority of rows are sparked within sixty minutes of the start of a trip.

One-third of arguments are centred on a partner's driving drawbacks, while more than a quarter (27%) of those questioned said the confined space of a vehicle leads to verbal battles.

Criticism of a driver's ability and back-seat driving were also found to be causes of friction between couples.

Some 22% of individuals are so miffed with their partner's poor driving habits that they do not feel like entering the vehicle at all.

Speeding and navigation mistakes also cause fights.

Budget UK spokesman Stuart Liddle said: "Our research shows that many of us are embarking on road journeys without proper planning, which can result in arguments behind the wheel.

"It's always best to ensure you have a full tank before you set off and, with navigation causing the most arguments behind the wheel, invest in a GPS to ensure you get to your destination with minimum fuss."

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