Three in five plan car purchase

A survey has revealed up to three in five motorists intend to buy a new or used car this year, despite the recession.

However motoring website and magazine Auto Trader found rising costs are putting people off buying 4x4s and MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles). Drivers also plan not to buy during March and September, when number plates change.

The survey, which questioned 1,270 UK motorists last month, also found that 35% intend to buy a used car in 2009, 19% plan to purchase a nearly-new vehicle, while 6% will buy a new car.

It also found that 29% want to save money on road tax, car insurance and fuel costs with their next vehicle.

Some 12% intend to buy this month, while 27% plan to make a purchase within six months. Of those questioned, 38% have been put off buying 4x4s and 21% are shunning MPVs.

Auto Trader group marketing director Matt Thompson said: "Our research provides evidence that there are plenty of motorists looking to buy a new or used car.This is great news for private sellers, dealers and manufacturers.

"It is now up to the motor industry to offer cars that people really want to buy - smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles that are cheaper to run."

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