Thousands fined over Olympic Lanes

Thousands fined over Olympic Lanes

Thousands of drivers have been fined for using the Olympic Games Lanes totalling £312,000, transport chiefs have confirmed.

Around 2, 400 motorists have had to pay £130 each for using the 30 miles of lanes reserved for those involved with the games, Transport for London (TfL) has revealed.

The organisations chief operating officer for surface transport, Garrett Emmerson, stressed that most road users were sticking to the new rules. He said: "Games Lanes are of vital importance to get athletes, officials and the world's media to their events on time. We are using the lanes flexibly and keeping them open to general traffic wherever and whenever we can.

"We have no interest in unnecessarily penalising drivers and, with a very high compliance rate of around 98% to date, the overwhelming majority are following the requirement to stay out of Games Lanes when they are in use."

The lanes were introduced on July 25, with drivers being issued warnings instead of fines for the first six days while they became used to the system. There are more than 150 signs letting motorists know when the lanes cannot be used.

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