Thousands 'drive with 12 points'

Over two out of five (43%) motorists who have accrued 12 penalty points or more on their licences are still behind the wheel, according to new figures released by road safety charity Brake.

The study found that UK's roads have cars driven by 10,072 motorists with at least 12 points, including a driver from Bradford with a staggering 32 points.

The figures, which were based on data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, showed that five drivers are still legally on the road although they have clocked up 30 penalty points.

Many 12 points-plus drivers succeed in escaping a ban by pleading that a disqualification would cause "exceptional hardship", according to Brake.

However, the penalty points are likely to have a negative impact on theircar insurance premiums.

London and south-east England, Yorkshire and Humberside and north-west England have over 1,000 motorists who have escaped a ban despite having more than 12 points.

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