Thousands apply for Jaguar jobs

In excess of 8,000 jobseekers have applied to Jaguar Land Rover after the Indian-owned car giant launched a recruitment drive last week in a bid to fill 1,000 vacancies, it has emerged.

The openings have been created to boost the firm's production in the coming five years.

The prestige automotive firm has been impressed by the quality of the candidates' CVs, as it looks to fill skilled roles at its factory in Solihull, on the outskirts of Birmingham.

Des Thurlby, HR director at JLR, said: "We are extremely pleased with both the quantity and the quality of applicants. We are even hiring people in HR to handle the hiring.

"We shall run a vigorous selection process and we encourage people to continue to apply via our website. All applicants will receive a response."

Mr Thurlby added that Jaguar is an exciting place to work, with the company currently employing around 20,000 people in Britain, including 5,000 in Solihull.

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