THINK! promotes New Year mocktails

THINK! promotes New Year mocktails

The Department for Transport has produced a number of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes in a bid to prevent designated drivers from being tempted by alcohol on New Year's Eve.

Berry Breezer and Pi–a-Banana are among the suggested drinks, while the department has also encouraged people to plan their trip home in advance to avoid any unforeseen problems.

This year's THINK! drink drive campaign has included a forceful television advert which gives an insight into the consequences of driving while under the influence.

Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond said: "Our message is clear: have a great New Year's Eve, don't risk the consequences of drink driving."

The Christmas drink drive campaign has targeted young people, an age bracket which tends to dominate drink drive casualty figures. Motorists between the age of 20 and 24 failed more breath tests than any other age group in 2011.

THINK! has recommended that party-goers treat designated drivers to an easy-to-make non-alcoholic cocktail this New Year's Eve.

Whilecar insurance covers drivers in most circumstances, it does not protect against drink driving convictions.

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