Think! advert uses deliberate drunk

Think! advert uses deliberate drunk

A new television advert warning of the dangers of drink-driving has used a drunk presenter for the first time.

The actor used in the advert recorded the voiceover the morning after after drinking a number of alcoholic drinks.

During the recording the actor is heard to slur, stumble and giggle as he tries to relay the affects of alcohol on his body.

The visual for the film has been shot the day after the drinking session; the man appears to be sober, however his body is still processing the alcohol.

The advert, directed by double-BAFTA award winner Dominic Savage, is designed to be funny, but to highlight the underlying message about the dangers of driving the night after drinking.

"Even if you feel sober the morning after drinking, your body may still be way over the limit. If caught, you will get a minimum 12 month driving ban, a criminal record and you could even end up in jail," Robert Goodwill, road safety minister, said.

"The message is clear: if you are going to drink, don't even consider driving. Think very carefully about whether you are really safe to drive in the morning. It can have devastating effects on your life and the lives of other people."

The advert can be seen on theThink!UK website.

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