Thieves steal de-icing Jaguar car

A car owner in Leicestershire who left the engine running on his £33,000 Jaguar to de-ice the windscreen returned to find the vehicle had been stolen.

The Jaguar was taken from outside a house in Markfield Road, Groby. Only 50 minutes previously, an £11,000 Ford Focus was stolen from a house in Narborough, also near the city. And just the day before, thieves stole a £15,000 version of the same car from outside a house in Timberwood Avenue, Groby.

On both occasions the owners had been de-icing their cars and turned their backs, leaving the keys in the ignition.

Inspector Marc Simons, from Leicestershire Constabulary, said: "We would urge motorists to stay with their vehicle at any time it is unlocked, and they should never leave it with the engine running. It is increasingly difficult to steal a modern car without its keys, so thieves look for other opportunities to steal them. Frosty mornings can give them just such an opportunity. As well as being a distressing crime, it can be an expensive one."

"Our past experience is that insurance companies will not pay out for cars stolen in these circumstances, " he added.

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