There's no limit to Ford technology

There's no limit to Ford technology

Ford is giving motorists the ability to not only set the maximum speed of their vehicle, but apply it to different speed limits.

All new S-MAX sports activity vehicles now have an Intelligent Speed Limiter that allows drivers to ensure they are not breaking the limits on any roads, no matter the speed restrictions.

Drivers set the maximum speed with controls on the steering wheel and the technology scans road signs with a camera and slows the vehicle accordingly when the speed limit is under the set limit.

When speed limits change drivers can accelerate but can't go any faster than the limit.

RAC head of external affairs Pete Williams said: "On the face of it, this new technology offers a great deal of promise. It should help keep motorists within the law and, if used in the right way, could encourage safer driving.

"As we move towards a future where driverless cars are commonplace, we are going to see a rise in these forms of technology. The question is the extent to which we want, or feel able, to hand control across to the vehicle we're travelling in. With something as important as speed limits, where speed is such an important factor in road accidents, is it right that we start to trust the vehicle to do the thinking for us?

"The UK's roads are becoming smarter, and our vehicles are becoming more intelligent - the question is whether the UK motorist is yet ready to hand over an increasing degree of control to the vehicle that they are driving."

Intelligent Speed Limiter is just one of the revolutionary motoring technologies Ford has introduced to its vehicles. Drivers already benefit from systems that help them park, stay in motorway lanes and avoid crashes at low speeds.

Ford's Focus, Mondeo and Kuga models also feature the Adjustable Speed Limiter and Traffic Sign Recognition systems and Intelligent Speed Limiter uses both of these technologies.

It reduces the amount of fuel heading to the engine and does not involve the brakes, so deceleration is smoother and an alarm sounds if the vehicle is in danger of going faster than the limit by travelling downhill.

The system also communicates with S-MAX navigation technology to check on speed limits and allows drivers to break the limit with a firm press of the accelerator pedal.

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