Tesla unveils charging network

Owners of Tesla electric cars will now be able to take advantage of 10 high-power charging points set up across the country.

Tesla Motors has launched the initiative in partnership with hotels and tourist hotspots, where the charging stations will be in private hands but will offer drivers access for free or for a small fee.

Each of the sites have Tesla's 70amp High Power Connector - capable of fully recharging an empty battery in three hours.

With the electric Roadster giving a 211-mile range per charge, the new facilities will mean Tesla owners can take a leisurely countrywide tour with convenient stopovers for recharging.

To demonstrate the HPCs, green charity Zero Carbon World's founder Kevin Sharpe and EV expert David Peilow will drive an electric blue Tesla Roadster from John o'Groats to Lands End this weekend.

Zero Carbon World has also set up medium power connectors delivering 32 amps at several sites throughout Britain.

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