Temperatures to soar this weekend

Temperatures to soar this weekend

The hottest day of the year so far will fall over the weekend, experts predict.

Temperatures will gradually increase each day in the lead-up to the weekend, according to Met Office meteorologist Mark Wilson, who expects Thursday to see highs in the south east of 21C or 22C.

Indeed it is the south east which is likely to see the highest temperatures nationwide, according to Mr Wilson. On Friday the mercury could rise to 22C or 23C, with London the area most likely to notch the highest reading.

Meanwhile some areas may see highs of 25C over the weekend, with the south east corner of England again most likely to get the lion's share.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "If you are going to head to the coast or countryside by road to take advantage of this weekend's good weather it's important to make sure your vehicle is fully prepared so you don't end up broken down instead of enjoying the beach or whatever you were planning to do.

"Simple checks of coolant level, oil, fuel, windscreen wash, tyre tread and inflation, and electrics should make for an enjoyable weekend."

The best temperature recorded so far this year the 22C reached on 28 April in Aviemore, Scotland - although forecasters are now confident this will be eclipsed.

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