Telford tops UK's car friendly list

Britain's most car friendly town has been revealed as Telford in a poll of motorists.

The Shropshire town overtook Dundee as the best place for motorists in a poll.

Drivers in the country's 50 most populated towns and cities were asked to rate them on issue as petrol and parking prices, number of car parks and level of car crime.

Telford scored strongly across the board and was rated top for car parks.

Dundee was runner-up to Telford with Newcastle-upon-Tyne third, Sunderland fourth and Belfast fifth.

The least appealing was Northampton - where there were "high levels" of vehicle crime, few parking spaces and expensive petrol -followed by London, Cardiff, Birmingham and Liverpool, which all scored poorly in each of the categories.

Bristol had the most expensive parking where a two-hour stay cost an average of £5.

The "car crime capital" was Manchester with an average of 8.9 incidents per 1,000 people. Swindon was the "safest" town, with just 2.2 incidents per 1,000 people.

Reading in Berkshire had more speed cameras than anywhere outside London, while Hull had none at all.

This is how the UK's main towns and cities did in the car-friendly survey, with Telford the best place for motorists to visit:

1. Telford

2. Dundee

3. Newcastle

4. Sunderland

5. Belfast

6. Blackpool

7. Derby

8. Portsmouth

9. Poole

10. Aberdeen