Technology poses driving dangers

Technology poses driving dangers

The increasing use of mobile technology and popularity of social media are driving motorists into dangerous situations on the roads, a new survey has discovered.

The survey, by, found 9% of motorists compose and send texts while at the wheel and 5% use a hand-held device to answer a telephone call.

Another 2% monitor or maintain a social media account while behind the wheel and 1% even upload images to social media sites while driving.

Of the 2,500 drivers who responded to the survey 69% thought that the police should be tougher on people who conduct hand-held telephone conversations while driving.

About 66% reckon that the fine for using a mobile phone while driving should be greater and 59% thought that more penalty points should be given on a licence.

Commercial director of Phil Jones said: "We fully support reducing instances of mobile phone use without a hands-free set by drivers.

"As the research suggests, a significant number of people want the police to impose stricter laws and punishments. Using your mobile phone handset while driving is completely intolerable, and can ultimately cost lives."

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