Technology 'could ease congestion'

New and existing technology could be used to ease traffic congestion and save £12 billion a year in the process, a report has concluded.

TheAutomotive Council, a joint industry and Government organisation, hopes that technology, infrastructure and all modes of transport can be used together to create "intelligent mobility" and allow for predictive travel, improved transport routing and congestion easing.

This concept relates to the convergence of technologies and transport systems, which could create a safer, intelligent, highly interlinked transport network.

The council believes that traffic jams can be reduced by up to five times in places if the three-pronged approach to the issue was widely adopted, while it could also help to reduce the cost ofcar insurance as people will be less likely to bump and scrape their vehicles when frustrated in jams.

It concluded that a growing population, particularly one that is getting older and therefore has different mobility needs, was placing an increased strain on Britain's transport networks. Although it is expensive to continually improve infrastructure, the economy could be adversely affected if congestion is not improved, the report concluded.

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