Taxi driver returns $300k cash bag

Taxi driver returns $300k cash bag

A Las Vegas taxi driver has been rewarded after returning a bag of cash to a poker player who had left it in the back of his cab.

Gerardo Gamboa noticed the bag with 300,000 US dollars (£180,000) inside after a pickup on Monday at the Bellagio.

Instead of keeping the cash for himself, however, he informed his employer who then handed it over to the police.

The relieved gambler has not been named, although he has since given 10,000 dollars (£6,000) to the honest cabbie.

Mr Gamboa, who said he just wanted to do the right thing, has also been awarded the title of employee of the year by Yellow Checker Star, as well as another 1,000 dollars (£600) and a gift certificate to a Las Vegas steakhouse.

It is believed to be the largest amount of money found in a cab since the taxi business in question began 30 years ago.

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