Tailgating 'most annoying habit'

Motorists have revealed their most hated things that other drivers do on the roads.

Tailgating was the most hated habit followed by failing to indicate and dangerous overtaking, a survey by car repair firm Kwik Fit found.

Jumping traffic lights, hogging lanes, and hesitant drivers all featured in the top ten most annoying habits, the poll found.

Based on responses from 1,000 adults, the poll showed that women were even more annoyed than men about tailgating.

However, female drivers were more tolerant than males about dangerous overtaking, hesitant driving or lane hogging.

Kwik-Fit customer services director David White said: "It's clear that the root of this frustration is the danger that these habits pose.

"Although driving to close to another vehicle isn't a specific offence, it's one of the most common causes of car accidents. But many accidents are caused by aggressive driving - whether it's people driving too close to the car in front, dangerous overtaking, or jumping traffic lights.

"Motorists need to remember that these aren't just annoying, they put the safety of all road users at risk. In our study only 2% of motorists said that nothing annoyed them on the road, which shows that the vast majority of us can make big improvements in our driver styles and contribute to calmer, and safer, roads."

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