System alerts pedestrians to electric cars

System alerts pedestrians to electric cars

A new alert system could be used to help pedestrians avoid collisions with electric cars.

The eVADER was developed by the likes of Nissan, Renault and PSA Peugeot Citroen in a bid to save lives.

Electric cars are quieter than conventional vehicles on the road, so pose a risk to pedestrians.

Carmakers and road safety charities have long debated how to cut incidents involving electric cars and pedestrians, and eVADER - which has taken three years to develop - could be the answer all parties are looking for.

The system consists of a camera in the car's windscreen that can detect pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

When a presence is detected, like a pedestrian, six speakers beam a noise at the target to alert them about the electric car.

A total of 11 companies and the European Union (EU) have been involved in the development process.

Nissan trialled the system in a prototype Nissan Leaf last year. David Quinn, the project leader at the carmaker, hopes the results will shape future research and EU legislation on electric car pedestrian alert sounds.

The noise that the system produces is 5db lower than that produced by a conventional petrol or diesel engine, meaning it keeps noise pollution to a minimum while still being loud enough to alert pedestrians.

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