'Switch off traffic lights to ease congestion'

'Switch off traffic lights to ease congestion'

Traffic lights could be switched off in towns and cities across the country in a bid to ease congestion and improve journey times.

Road safety minister Andrew Jones has agreed to examine the case for a switch-off, with people claiming traffic flows more freely when lights fail to work.

He has been urged to trial the scheme to help speed up journeys for drivers and bus passengers.

Conservative MP Philip Hollobone put forward the idea in the Commons, citing traffic problems in his constituency of Kettering.

While Mr Jones says he will consider the proposals, he admits he has "major reservations" about switching off traffic lights.

He questions the argument of traffic flowing more freely when lights do not work, yet confesses it is something he hears from drivers in his constituency of Harrogate and Knaresborough.

The Conservative frontbencher is also cautious about removing what he calls a "key ingredient" in road safety.

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