Swift touches two million mark

Japanese auto giant Suzuki has sold more than two million units of its Swift compact car around the globe.

Since May 2005, more than 60,000 Swift models have been sold across the UK. Moreover, the hatchback currently accounts for about two-fifths (38%) of the country's car sales.

The carmaker introduced a new version of the car last year in September.

Besides Japan, the model is also manufactured in Hungary, China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. Suzuki supplies the vehicle to Europe through its Magyar plant in Hungary.

The popular supermini has amassed 67 awards in 26 nations for motoring excellence and is driven by motorists around 124 countries of the world.

India and Europe are the biggest markets for the car, accounting for 39% and 27% of its worldwide sales respectively, while the Japanese contribution towards its sale is 15%.

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