Sweeney remake set for big screen

An updated version of TV classic The Sweeney is heading to the big screen, with the stars set to follow the tradition of leaping across bonnets in the race to catch the bad guys.

But to ensure the hard-living cops do not have to rely onbreakdown cover to catch the crook, they will get a new car for their chase scenes - a Ford Focus hatchback.

The original show saw Jack Regan and George Carter, played by John Thaw and Dennis Waterman, drive a succession of Ford Granadas, Consuls and Cortinas as they chased down the villains.

But the stars of the remake will be seen behind the wheel of the rather more sensible Ford Focus, and if it encourages them to drive a bit more carefully they may even see the benefit in a reducedcar insurance premium.

Nick Love, who is directing the film, which stars Ray Winstone, said he wanted to use the cars because "their legacy with the original TV show is so strong".

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