Sway concept to offer Micra glimpse

Sway concept to offer Micra glimpse

Anticipation is building as Nissan gets ready to unveil its latest addition.

The Japanese automaker will finally lift the lid on the Sway Concept at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Teaser pictures - darkened on purpose - released in the build-up to the launch reveal very little; apart from a very distinctive front end, bold LED daytime running lights and some deeply-contoured front wings.

One thing for certain though, is that it's going to be small. Nissan says it is a glimpse at how a future generation of small models could look if the company's striking new design language was applied to a European hatchback.

This means it could provide an insight into what the forthcoming all-new European-built Micra could look like when it rolls off the production in 2016.

Speculation is rife about how it will look after it was announced that Renault will build the next Micra at its Flins factory in France. Rumour has it that the new model will likely be derived from the Renault Clio 4.

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