SUV production cut as demand drops

As rising global fuel prices continue to bite at the forecourt, it seems even the most road-loving, gas-guzzling country in the world is being forced to change its auto habits.

In the light of a major drop in demand, ailing car giant General Motors has announced that it is to slash production of its range of trucks and 4x4 vehicles in a move which seems to herald the end of America's love affair with the SUV.

The company has also launched a host of fresh incentives to tempt drivers away from the increasingly popular fuel-efficient vehicles which are beginning to dominate the market.

In a bid to staunch plummeting sales GM is offering six-year interest-free credit on its range of Chevrolet Tahoes, GMC Yukon SUVs, big Hummers and Chevrolet Silverado pick-ups.

But despite such generous deals the firm will still cut production of its truck-based vehicles at seven of its US factories spread across the country.

Total SUV sales in the States have plummeted by 42% in May compared to the same month last year while more economical models such as the Toyota Prius have surged.

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