Sustainable fuel targets not met

Targets on environmental standards for biofuels look likely to be missed by a number of suppliers of vehicle fuel, a report has warned.

Companies, including big names including Chevron and Esso, have so far failed to present any petrol or diesel which met adequate sustainability standards, the Renewable Fuels Agency said (RFA).

Concerns have been raised that while biofuels could provide a greener alternative to using fossil fuels, it is not established whether all alternative fuels deliver carbon savings or contribute to deforestation or pollution.

The RDA`s half-yearly report on the "green" fuels showed that since a requirement was brought in for biofuels to make up a small percentage of all vehicle fuels, only 20% were meeting environmental standards.

The agency revealed that nine companies were well below the grade, making it difficult to reach the Government target of 30% of biofuels meeting the standards in the first year of the scheme.

But it said several firms, including ConocoPhillips and Greenergy, were exceeding targets of environmental sustainability, carbon savings and supplying information about the crops used to make the fuel.

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