Susan Boyle CD used as ice scraper

A poll by Autoglass has found that a CD by singer Susan Boyle and other unlikely objects have all been blamed for damage to windscreens and side windows.

The company reported that one driver said his windscreen had cracked after he used the CD from the Britain's Got Talent star as an ice scraper.

In another incident, a woman contacted Autoglass after a duck flew straight through the windscreen of her car, while "an evil pheasant" was reported to have attacked a man's car and stalked his wife.

Another caller blamed a snowball for a broken side window, and one driver's car was damaged when he left it in front of a tee at a golf course.

And one driver called to report a cracked rear window but luckily realised he was looking at someone else's car before making a claim on his car insurance .

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