Surviving the winter on your bike

Surviving the winter on your bike

A road safety charity has issued a five-point plan to help motorcyclists get through the colder, windier and wetter months unscathed.

It's a time for bikers everywhere to check your motorbike insurance as more hazardous conditions are upon you. But two-wheeled road users can also earn added protection by taking heed of the Institute of Advanced Motorists' advice.

Water is a seasonal hazard with spray from lorries especially dangerous. Overtaking is not recommended, particularly on motorways. Anti-mist spray is a vital ally in giving helmets good visibility.

Water pools from heavy rain are no less hazardous, prompting bikers to brake sharply. A tighter handlebar grip is advised, as is easing off the accelerator.

One often overlooked hazard is the gap between buildings. These cause strong winds to make bikes shudder. So give more space between vehicles if you see such buildings coming up, and never overtake if blustery.

Rain-filled potholes can be a motorcyclists' worst nightmare. So ride at an even pace, allowing yourself sufficient time to decelerate.

Finally, fallen branches and trees are not uncommon during the windier months. Planning is key. A longer route avoiding wooded areas is advised if time is not of the essence.

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