Survey reveals clumsiest drivers

Motorists from Chelmsford are the clumsiest in Britain, with nearly 40% admitting to scrapes and bangs on roads and in car parks, a survey has revealed.

As many as 27% of the Essex town's drivers who had confessed to clumsy collisions said they had not owned up over the incident.

The survey by Autoglass found that drivers in Brighton were the second clumsiest, followed by Bristol in third place, Cardiff fourth and Manchester fifth.

Figures showed that dented doors and scratched paintwork accounted for 25% of incidents, with other damage being caused to bumpers, broken lights and wing mirrors.

The most common places where clumsy driving took place were supermarket car parks and residential streets, which together account for 20% of incidents.

Also, 5% of those questioned admitted to scuffing cars in their work car parks and not telling the boss.

Nigel Doggett, managing director at Autoglass, said: "Whether it's opening your door too wide and hitting the car parked next to you, or misjudging the distance between your own and another vehicle when parking, accidents do happen - and according to our research, very frequently.

He added: "It is astounding how many people admit to being a clumsy driver."

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