Survey rates global car hire costs

Some of the cheapest holiday destinations to hire a car include such exotic locations as Dubai, Los Angeles and Cape Town, a survey has shown.

Car broker CarDelMar has developed a "gas guzzling grid" to give holidaymakers an insight into the relative costs of car hire across some of the world's most popular destinations.

Despite being considered one of the most expensive places in the world to top your car up with fuel, hiring a vehicle in London would not set you back as much as other cities including Melbourne, Paris or Berlin.

The company, based in Germany, took several key factors into account when compiling its league table - the cost of the hire, insurance and extras over a week, the price of fuel to cover 250 miles and the exchange rate with the local currency.

The index identifies Oslo as the most expensive city in the world to rent a car - costing four times as much as Dubai, and twice as much as London.

Petrol in Dubai costs just 20p per litre, compared with 89p in Majorca and £1.28 in Oslo.

Carsten Greiner, managing director of CarDelMar, said: "Once we had put all these factors into our formula we realised we had come up with an accurate and helpful comparison index."

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