Support for motorbikes in bus lanes

The use of motorcycles and scooters in bus lanes is a controversial issue, but new research shows overwhelming support for the congestion-easing move.

An online poll by Peugeot Scooters asked 1,000 people if bus lanes should be opened up to motorbikes, mopeds and scooters nationwide and 95 per cent said yes.

Bus lanes were first opened to motorcyclists in Bristol in 1996 and since then 14 other towns and cities across the UK have followed suit.

The latest place to adopt the policy was London, after the city's mayor Boris Johnson decided to allow motorcyclists to share red route bus lanes with buses, cyclists and black taxis on an 18-month trial basis.

The move has been condemned by London cyclists as dangerous, but if Transport for London and the mayor see positive effects from the trial, the measure will be made permanent in the capital.

Peugeot is hoping for this to be implemented nationwide and to convince Cambridge, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford of the benefits in promoting two-wheel commuting as a congestion solution.

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