Support for lower drink-drive limit

Seven out of 10 motorists would like to see the legal drink-drive limit lowered, according to a new survey.

Road safety charity Brake said its poll found that an overwhelming 92% also favoured a similar regulation against drug-driving.

Out of the 71% who backed a reduced drink-drive limit, 55% said it should be brought down from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 20mg.

The remaining 16% supported a 50mg limit, which is in place in several EU countries.

Brake deputy chief executive Cathy Keeler said: "It's time for bold action by policymakers to demonstrate they are listening to public concerns on drink and drug-driving."

The group surveyed 800 motorists ahead of the publication of a Government report on drink-diving and drug-driving.

Ms Keeler added: "We desperately need a solid legal foundation for the clear messages of the Government's THINK! road safety campaign: don't drink any amount of alcohol and drive; don't take any impairing drugs (whether legal or illegal) and drive.

"The message is: Not a Drop, Not a Drag."

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