Supermodel Kidd fronts eco-campaign

Petrolhead polo-playing international racing driver supermodel Jodie Kidd has been pictured posing on a grass-covered car in a bid to challenge drivers to go green.

She urged motorists to use advanced fuels and fuel-economy lubricants, make sure their vehicles are properly maintained, and keep tyres at their right pressures.

Every little helps, and steps such as these could reduce fuel consumption by 10% and reduce each driver's carbon dioxide (CO2) by at least 400kg a year.

Ms Kidd was launching the Total Eco 10 challenge, which the company says might reduce the UK's emissions by 17.2 million tonnes by 2010 - the equivalent of 27,023 return flights to New York.

She said: "We are bombarded with so much green advice that it can be confusing, and whilst many are concerned about the effect we have on the environment, most of us are not prepared or simply can't give up our car.

"Firstly it is impractical and secondly, if you are a car enthusiast like me, driving gives a great deal of enjoyment.

"This programme offers a way forward, to carry on driving, whilst reducing environmental impact and alleviating the guilt factor."

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