Supermarket reduces petrol prices

A fuel price war could be sparked by supermarket Asda's move to cut its petrol prices by 2p a litre.

Asda has announced its petrol prices will be dropped to 115.9p from Friday, while the cut will also see diesel fall by 1p to 118.9p a litre.

"Yet again, Asda is leading UK fuel prices down. Motorists will be relieved commodity prices are coming down and as always we are the first to reflect falling costs in our prices at the pump," said Asda commercial director David Miles.

The price of petrol across the UK fell to 121.54p a litre on Monday, while diesel was recorded at a level of 122.94p a litre. Yorkshire and Humberside continued to be the cheapest region for petrol (120.7p a litre) and diesel (122.2p a litre) in the UK. Northern Ireland and south-east England (both 122.1p) are the most expensive for petrol and Northern Ireland drivers are forking out the most for diesel (123.7p).

RAC spokesman John Franklin said: "Finally we have a bit of respite for Britain's beleaguered motorists who have had to deal with escalating petrol prices for over 12 months now.

"Hopefully this will be the start of other petrol retailers dropping their prices to a more reasonable level than we've seen recently."

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