Supermarket chains cut fuel prices

Cash-strapped motorists have been boosted by some much-needed good news after it emerged that two supermarket chains had slashed their fuel prices.

Morrisons and Asda both announced cuts at their pumps of 1p a litre for petrol. Morrisons cut diesel prices by up to 3p a litre while Asda shaved off 4p.

Asda pledged that none of its customers at the supermarket's 180 forecourts would have to pay more than 135.7p a litre for diesel and 134.7p for petrol.

Morrisons petrol director Mark Todd said: "Wholesale fuel prices are coming down and at Morrisons we always want to pass on savings as soon as we can."

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Tesco said that unleaded prices would be cut by 1p per litre at most of its stores and every forecourt would see a reduction of up to 3p per litre.

The price cuts will come as welcome news to drivers struggling with car maintenance costs and increasingcar insurance premiums.

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