Supercar helps speed sale of house

A businessman is including his bright yellow Lamborghini in the sale of his £1 million home in a bid to speed things along.

Rick Hill, 30, is hoping that the novelty of a house plus £150,000 luxury sports car will appeal to someone's sporting instincts.

"Obviously the market is depressed and this is something different," said estate agent Martyn White, who works for Essex Countryside.

"We've haven't had any offers yet, but the advert has only just gone in and we've had a few people asking for details."

He said the publicity the offer would attract might help find a buyer, adding: "It's certainly a numbers game. The more people you can reach, the more chance you have."

Mr White added that Mr Hill hit on the idea after the conventional approach failed to sell the six-bedroom property in Hockley, Essex.

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