Super lorry breaks road regulations

A pensioner broke regulations when he got behind the wheel of his 82-foot super lorry and drove it on public roads for the first time.

Police stopped 74-year-old Dick Denby as he drove what is probably Britain's longest lorry, which is heavier than a Challenger II tank and longer than a standard 22-yard cricket pitch.

The chairman of Denby Transport was questioned by an official from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

He told a waiting police officer at the Denby Transport depot near Lincoln: "A new experience every day, that's my motto in life."

"It's one job at a time. The next step is for me to talk to our legal advisors and I'll take their advice," the grandfather of six added.

Current regulations prevent Mr Denby from being able to operate the monster lorry, which consists of two trailers attached to a cab.

Around 26-feet longer than a standard lorry, the truck would help slash the number of lorries on British motorways by a third, making it environmentally friendly, the firm claimed.

It would weigh 60 tons when fully loaded, but the company would use it to carry lightweight goods like aluminium cans, cereals and crisps to a maximum UK weight limit of 44 tons.

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