Sunshine 'lowers motoring skills'

Sunshine negatively affects driving skills despite 42% of Britons saying hot weather makes them happy, a survey has revealed.

Kia Motors produced the study which showed that 36% of motorists have had an accident this summer and 9% speed more when temperatures rise.

It also revealed that 14% admit their driving worsens with the sun shining, mostly because they get hot and flustered (61%).

And tempers rise with the mercury with 28% getting angry quicker, and 24% getting annoyed by the amount of cars on the road.

It is clear that Brits cannot take the heat, even though a bit of sunshine lifts the mood of the nation, said Steve Kitson, Communications Director at Kia Motors UK.

"Although hot weather in the UK is often rare, it has the effect of getting drivers flustered as there are more distractions on the road," he said

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