Success of EV project hailed

Success of EV project hailed

There is a big difference between expressing an interest in electric vehicles (EVs) and actually investing in one, but new trials have made the decision much easier for those that took part.

The My Electric Avenue initiative was designed to determine if electricity services in local areas were powerful enough to charge up to 10 EVs in one go, at times of peak consumption.

It also involves new technology that keeps the cars charging if the grid is not producing enough power.

The organisers wanted 10 groups of 10 neighbours around the UK to lease Nissan LEAF electric cars, for a year and a half.

There are now 200 people involved in the project, and one North East community has 23 households leasing Nissan's all-electric car.

One resident, Julie Skevington, asked her neighbours to take part in the My Electric Avenue scheme.

She says she has travelled widely in her Nissan LEAF in the year she has had it, and it is meeting her regular driving requirements.

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