Success for Seat's Ibiza Ecomatic

Less than a year since going on sale 100 of Seat's fuel efficient Ibiza Ecomotive model, have been sold.

With the fuel economy of up to 88.3 mpg and CO2 emissions of just 99 g/km making it exempt from road tax, the model has proved a hit for the Spanish manufacturer.

The 100th version of the current generation model was sold to Nigel Morgan, of Huby, North Yorkshire.

Mr Morgan, 55, a storage depot worker, said: "I did my research before buying a new car and decided to go for the Ecomotive because it made the most financial sense.

"The fuel economy and the fact you don't have to pay any road tax were big factors in my decision, but the environmental benefits were also important.

"I also liked the fact that it's a quite a sporty car for something so green and economical. Since taking delivery I've been delighted with the car.

"It's great to drive, but I'm most pleased about the savings I'm making. I used to spend about £70 a month on fuel but now it's only about £50."

The company is working on an even more efficient next generation model which is due later in 2009.

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