Study highlights pothole problem

A new report has pointed out the extent of the UK's deteriorating road system, with the B6343 near Morpeth and Fieldhead highlighted as the worst pothole-strewn stretches in the country.

According to a motorist who participated in a survey by Warranty Direct's campaign website, Northumberland's B6343 has "a huge array of potholes east of Mitford".

Meanwhile, Fieldhead Lane in West Yorkshire is described as "more like an off-road assault course".

The Government has recently pumped £100 million into an emergency road maintenance fund. But motorists still suffer due to the pothole issue, which also affects theircar insurance.

Calling for a long-term strategy to repair potholes, Warranty Direct revealed that the majority of the roads nominated as being the worst in the UK are local roads.

Users of the nominated more than 80 sections of the country's 246,000 mile highway network for the ignominious title.

Drivers could be facing a bill of £1 billion a year due to damage caused by potholes, the study added.

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