Students unveil supercar model

Students at the University of the West of England have unveiled a model of a car which could become the fastest in the world.

RAF pilot Andy Green will drive the Bloodhound SSC, which he hopes will reach 1,000mph to smash the world land speed record of 763mph he set in the Thrust SSC in October 1997.

The supercar was designed by 20 second-year design and technology students and when finished will weigh the same as six Minis and have a top speed of 1,050mph.

The project is being led by Richard Noble OBE, who held the land speed record between 1983 and 1997.

Wing Commander Green said: "There isn't a book to build a car like this and the students can't just look at their dad's car for guidance. The only requirement is to have four wheels, and to be faced with a blank sheet is quite frightening.

"But I am much more confident already with the Bloodhound than I was at the equivalent stage in the building of the Thrust. We have had more support from universities and we have an enormous amount of experience that we didn't have last time."

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