Students targeted in safety drive

Somerset Road Safety Partnership in collaboration with the Hair Academy South West has arranged for a presentation on road safety to over 300 students at the institute.

The campaign is aimed at slashing the number of accidents on the roads of Somerset involving young drivers between the age of 17 and 24.

As a part of the presentation, experts will provide the students with information that may save their lives and the lives of other road users.

The students will watch videos and interviews and hold discussions to highlight the dangers of poor driving judgement, using mobile phones, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and being distracted while driving.

The director of the Hair Academy South West, Abby Oliver, said: "We care deeply about our students and the wider community and that's why we are extremely pleased to support the Somerset Road Safety Partnership in this campaign."

Terry Beale, of the Somerset Road Safety Department, said: "Injuries amongst young people still account for some 30% of the casualties on the roads of Somerset and we are keen to get the message across to the widest possible audience. We are very grateful to Hair Academy South West for giving us this opportunity to interact with their students."

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