Students imagine cars of the future

Students imagine cars of the future

A batch of futuristic-looking designs have been unveiled as part of an imaginative driverless car project.

The concepts, created by students from London's Central St Martins University of the Arts, include one for a single-person 'car' that its creator describes as "wearable transport".

Another design, called the Renault SYEO, includes inflatable flexible interior features, meaning the vehicle can be temporarily customised to provide a workplace, leisure area or even a dining space.

The interior of a third, meanwhile, adapts to reflect the mood and requirements of its passengers.

The students have come up with their creations for Clerkenwell Design Week after collaborating with car manufacturer Renault - the event's main sponsor - having been asked to picture a world in which people no longer have to drive themselves.

Renault says with autonomous driving technology having the potential to eliminate collisions, it may be possible to "radically" alter vehicle designs in the future.

The prospect of the students' designs becoming a reality may still lie in the far future but the Government has said it believes driverless cars will be a "real option" for UK motorists to buy in the near future.

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